Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Massachusetts Localities- A Finding Aid" : TREASURE OF THE STATE LIBRARY FOR MARCH 2011

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is comprised of 351 cities and towns. These well-known areas are studied routinely here in the State Library. Whether one is researching the history of a town, the current demographics or trying to determine the dates of incorporation, for example, we can help researchers with such requests.

Less frequently, our users in person, via telephone or email are instead attempting to locate a railroad station, a village or a "lesser locality." Where is "Straw Hollow," for example or "Morningdale" or "Waverley?" Is it true there is an "Egypt" in the state? Are there really two "Bliss Corner" locations?

The little "treasure" noted above and published by the Department of Public Works in 1966, is kept in the reference area. The preface to the booklet states that although many of these localities are well-known entities in the municipalities where they "reside," their locations must often be researched by interested parties not familiar with the areas.

To see Massachusetts Localities: A Finding List of Massachusetts Cities and Towns; and of Villages, certain Lesser Localities, Railroad Stations, and Post Offices whose location is not localized within the appropriate cities and towns by their names; and other generally related material, please visit State Library Reference. You may, of course, also call us at 617-727-2590 or send an e-mail to to find the answer to your inquiry.

Pamela W. Schofield
Reference Department
State Library of Massachusetts