Thursday, March 24, 2011


The United States Census Bureau has released Massachusetts' 2010 Census Population Totals, Including First Look at Race & Hispanic Origin Data for Legislative Redistricting. The information is available on the website of the Secretary of State at

As a result of the population figures, Massachusetts will lose one seat in the United States House of Representatives. We will go from 10 to 9 U.S. Representatives. Each of the 9 districts should have approximately 727,514 inhabitants. The Massachusetts Legislature (General Court) has formed a Special Joint Redistricting Committee chaired by Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg and Representative Michael J. Moran.

The committee has scheduled hearings in Springfield, Brockton and Worcester among others (

The State Library has a display of redistricting maps from previous years outside of room 341.

The Library also has the results of previous U.S. Censuses dating back to the first Census in 1790. These volumes are at the Reference Desk in room 341.

Massachusetts took its own census in the years ending in 5.

The Census is an important series of documents that are used by the Federal Government in determining monies given to the states for various programs.

The Government Documents Staff