Thursday, December 8, 2022

Audubon’s Blackbirds land in the Library!

The fourth day of Christmas brought four calling birds as a gift – but did you know that some interpretations recite that as four "colly birds"? A colly bird is a blackbird, which is why this month's displayed Audubon print is Red-winged Starling or Marsh Blackbird (plate 67) – it is a happy coincidence that there are four of them depicted! Visit us from December 6 through January 10 to see this print on display.

Audubon has illustrated adult and young blackbirds, and "placed them on the branch of a water maple, these birds being fond of alighting on trees of that kind, in early spring, to pick up the insects that frequent the blossoms." In addition to the full print, we’ve included a close-up of the young male. Read more from Audubon's account here