Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So Many Digital Documents

The State Library is a repository for state documents and, as such, it receives many documents from state agencies. In the last decade, the library has gotten many documents, only published in digital form, which are added to its digital repository.  These documents can be found in the library’s online catalog and are usually available on the agency’s web page as well. 

Highlighted here are documents that represent a variety of subject areas and are from agencies that produce a fair amount of consumer related documents such as health care, do not call registry, and lemon laws. For years library patrons have been interested in obtaining information about the lemon laws which are laws about used cars. These documents will tell the definition of a car that is a lemon, and give someone the information for repair, refund, or replacement of a vehicle. 

Some digital documents are highlighted below:

These electronic documents are easily accessible online through the State Library’s catalog at To see the documents click on "view online."  

Naomi Allen
Reference Librarian