Monday, April 6, 2009

Joanne Swirbalus, Business Specialist, Retires

This communication is to announce the retirement of our Business Specialist, Joanne Swirbalus. Joanne specifically requested that her retirement announcement be kept low key and without a lot of fanfare.

During her long stay at the library, Joanne has been a solid and dedicated member of the library staff. She has done a great job establishing positive working relationships with all who have had a need for her services.

I’m sure I speak for the entire library staff when I say that we all will dearly miss Joanne's tireless work ethic and her ever-present good cheer. However, Joanne has worked hard all of her career, and has earned the opportunity to enjoy more time to pursue personal interests, as well as spend more time with her family and friends.

In Joanne’s honor, she will become the first member of the newly formed Friends of the Library of Massachusetts group. I ask that you join me in saluting Joanne for 46 years of outstanding service to the Commonwealth, and wishing her all the best in her retirement.

Elvernoy Johnson
State Librarian