Monday, April 1, 2013

Rhymed Tactics: Military Tactical Verse from the Civil War

In honor of Poetry Month, take a look at this quirky book published in 1862- “Rhymed Tactics” is a small manual that was written to help soldiers master things like field maneuvers, group formations, and how to carry their weapons. Clever rhymes make essential information easy to remember, and the book’s small size (about 3 by 5 inches) meant it could fit into your pocket. See excerpt below:

“Rhymed Tactics” is part of the State Library’s large collection of military resources that also includes a number of tactical and cavalry manuals from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

If you haven’t yet seen our current exhibit on the Civil War, be sure to visit the State Library soon to see additional featured titles and learn about Massachusetts’ role during the Civil War.

Bianca Hezekiah
Reference Department