Monday, July 23, 2012

Treasures of the State Library for July 2012: Massachusetts Travel Brochures over the years

Summer is, of course, the busiest time for going on vacation! And other seasons have their own special vacation pleasure here in the Commonwealth.

This guide, published by the Massachusetts Department of Commerce and, Division of Tourism in 1969, divides the state by counties and contains maps of each one.

Massachusetts Tourism offices and other groups have published guides for many years for those wishing to spend their relaxing days in the state.

This piece, also published by the Massachusetts Department of Commerce, lists “How, Where, When and What to Catch” and “fishing tournaments” and “Governor’s Salt Water Fishing Awards.” It was published in 1970.

Other booklets reflect all seasons and point out events for each time of year.

They are published by the Massachusetts Division of Tourism, later named The Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. The fall and summer pieces were published in 1987, the winter one in 1992.

These brochures or pamphlet guides have become part of the state library’s vast collection of materials for those who vacation for a week or who wish to spend a day sightseeing. Their covers reflect the changing times! Famous for its transportation system, Massachusetts vacationers have travelled by many means over the years.

This booklet, by Katharine M. Abbott and published privately by Charles B. Webster & Company., Boston, provides a view into early twentieth century travel. The sections, arranged by city or town, each contain a part on “What to see.” Its publication date is 1901.

In our role as the State Library of Massachusetts, we not only collect all items published by the state, but also are in receipt of thousands of other materials about the Commonwealth. These holdings on tourism reflect just one small part of the rich collections we own.

Pamela W. Schofield
Reference Department
State Library of Massachusetts