Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MANUAL FOR THE GENERAL COURT- Treasure of the State Library for December 2010

Where does one go to find a listing of all members of the legislature or the names of all State Auditors who have served the Commonwealth? What are the names of the cities and towns in a particular county? How can one locate a list of the proclamations which must, by law, be done by the Governor or the rules of the Massachusetts House of Representatives or State Senate. Or the General Court's joint rules? Is there a list somewhere of where I can determine how long the legislative session of 1910 lasted? How may I find a seating chart for the House of Representatives during the Civil War?

Answers to these questions and to many many more can be found in a much-used "treasure" in the State Library, the Manual for the General Court. The library owns these "gems" starting with the year 1858 and they are available not only in the Library, but from our Digital Depository.

When you have an inquiry about Massachusetts state government, the State Library is the place to contact. And, it may happen that your question can be answered by referencing this wonderful source.

Pamela W. Schofield
Reference Department
State Library of Massachusetts