Friday, July 30, 2010

Safe Driving Act

Distractions while driving contribute to making the roads unsafer for all. The Safe Driving Act, signed by Govenor Deval Patrick on July 2, bans texting behind the wheel. With its enactment, Massachusetts became the 29th state to prohibit all drivers from texting and junior drivers from conversing on a cell phone.

The legislation bars e-mailing, searching on the Internet, and other activities on a phone, laptop, or other electronic device by the operator of a vehicle. This also applies to waits at traffice lights and stop signs. Drivers under 18 are restricted from talking on a mobile phone. Texting and cell phone use by younger drivers are allowed in emergencies and when a vehicle has parked after pulling over. Motorists 75 and over must have a vision test every 5 years and are required to renew their license in person. This act goes into effect on Sept. 30.

Laws passed during each session of the Massachusetts Legislature are available through the Library's web site. Click on the Massachusetts Acts and Resolves button on the far left to access these.

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