Monday, April 26, 2010

Treasures in the State Library - Massachusetts Postage Stamps

April, 2010

"Special Postage Stamps Honoring the Bay State, 1925-1997"

Those who visit the State Library of Massachusetts, in person or online, know that our major collections include legislative history materials, reports from state agencies and from the General Court, a general book collection and digital materials. People visit to read newspapers, to view the proceedings of the legislature on television and/or to "go wireless."

Please know also that there are many special "treasures" housed in the library stacks and other areas, not just in the Special Collections Department in Room 55, but also in the general collection on the third and fourth floors of the Library. Once a month, on this blog, we will highlight one such unique holding from our diverse collections. In April, the "treasure" is Souvenir 51, located in Room 55.

This beautiful album can be viewed in Special Collections during the hours they are open, from 9 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday. It is a small album, about 9 by 7 inches, and contains fifteen pages of stamps and a few postcards. Stamps honoring Susan B. Anthony, Winslow Homer, Arthur Fiedler, and Malcolm X are just some of these.

One can also make an appointment to see the stamps. Please call 617-727-2595 or e-mail to do so.

Pamela Schofield
Reference Department
State Library of Massachusetts