Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Statistical Abstract

One of the most comprehensive compilations of information is produced yearly and is called the Statistical Abstract of the United States.

The State Library's collection starts in 1878 with the first edition and is current except for those few years that appear to be missing.

When the Abstract started, it was published by the Bureau of Statistics in the Treasury Department. From 1903 through 1911, it was issued by the Bureau of Statistics in the Department of Commerce and Labor. From 1912 through 1937, the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce was the resource; and from 1938 to now, it is the Bureau of the Census which produces the publication.

The Abstract contains statistics on political, social and economic issues in the United States. For instance, one can ascertain state gasoline tax rates or state motor fuel rates; attendance at sporting events; fires, etc.

The State Library has the most recent copy at the Reference Desk in Room 341. You can also access the Abstract on line at: www.census.gov.

Bette Siegel
Documents Librarian