Friday, February 5, 2010

Discover Digital Collections with DSpace

As the legally designated depository library for Massachu-setts state publica-tions, the State Library has the most complete collection of Massa-chusetts government documents in existence. As more and more state documents are being published electronically rather than in print, the State Library has adapted its method of preserving these documents through the use of an online institutional repository, known as DSpace.

Typically, the documents in DSpace are no more than 10 years old and are downloaded from state agencies’ websites for permanent preservation in the library’s institutional repository. Some examples include the Office of Campaign and Political Finance Reports, MBTA bond issues, and Division of Insurance Annual Reports.

Some older state documents are also available in DSpace. For example, the Acts and Resolves are available online from 1692 to the present, many volumes of which are located in DSpace. Other older materials include the Manual for the General Court (1858-2005), the Massachusetts Election Statistics (1890-2004), and the Annual Reports of the Attorney General (1832-present).

Please visit our online institutional repository and explore the many state documents there that are freely available to the public.

- State Library Staff