Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LEGO Christmas White House on Display

The State Library is now hosting the LEGO Christmas White House. John Albani, age 16, from Dedham has built a replica of the White House from LEGOs. He took a tour of the White House and built the structure from photos and his memory. He has pointed out to viewers where the Rose Kennedy Garden and the Jackie Kennedy Garden are located. It took over 5000 LEGO bricks build this replica. John has dedicated it to former President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama and all the Presidents who served this great country.

Representative Paul McMurtry hosted the LEGO White House in December and January before its arrival in the Library. It will be in the State Library through February 5th before traveling to Dedham Town Hall. The Library is located in Room 341 of the State House. Everyone who has seen this has been very impressed. Come see the LEGO White House at the State Library before it leaves the State House.

Naomi Allen, Reference Librarian