Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From the Preservation Lab

Recently the State Library acquired sheet music for two Massachusetts songs: Massachusetts, You're A Grand Old State and A Toast to...Springfield, both written by William B. Belli in 1952.

Due to the delicate nature of sheet music, each piece received a custom acid-free folder and envelope upon receipt in the preservation lab. These enclosures will provide stability and protection from dust for these wonderful songs. Now that these items have been preserved, each piece of music will be cataloged and added to our collection.

Massachusetts, You're A Grand Old State

Yankee Doodle went to town, in Massachusetts
Yankee Doodle gained renown, in Massachusetts
Cradle of liberty,
Maker of history,
My Country 'tis of thee
Old Massachusetts

Massachusetts, you're a grand old state
Massachusetts, you've always been great
Even before Old Glory was unfurled,
You fired the shot, that was heard around the world
From the Pilgrims landing and Bunker Hill,
You've fought for freedom, and you always will
Proud and strong and hale and hearty,
Since that Boston Tea Party

Massachusetts, Massachusetts,
You're a Grand Old State

A Toast to...Springfield

More than three hundred years ago, Springfield was called a town,
And step by step it soon became a place of great renown.
And then a city it was made in Eighteen Fifty Two.
Well Springfield, here's a grand and gay Centennial to you.
There's a Springfield in most ev'ry state,
From the coast of Maine to the Golden Gate,
All of them are lovely and show a lot of class,
But if you please, the greatest of these is "Springfield, Mass."

Lacy Crews, Preservation Assistant